Winter Emergency Kit

At any given moment during these frigid winter days, your plans could be sidetracked by an unexpected incident that has you and your vehicle, on the side of the road waiting for a passerby or the arrival of a Roadside Assistance Vehicle. 

Just in case you run into trouble on the road, it is important to stay calm and travel with a Winter Emergency Kit in your vehicle. Before you head into inclement weather or a known forecast that could present less than desirable driving conditions, inspect all items in your Winter Emergency Kit. Are they in good working order? Make any adjustments to the contents of your kit that may be relative to the season you are travelling. For Example the Winter Emergency Kit should have warm clothes and blankets. It’s also a good idea to store the kit in a waterproof container. 

 Suggested items for Winter Emergency Kit:

• Basic tools - multi-use screwdriver kit, gloves, hammer, adjustable wrenches 
• Bottled water & snacks 
• Loose change like loonies, toonies and quarters 
• Cellphone and charger 
• Clothing and footwear appropriate for the cold weather 
• Compass 
• Duct tape the quick fix for wrapping manageable fluid leaks 
• Warm, thick blankets 
• Fire extinguisher 
• First-aid kit and manual 
• LED Flashlight and extra batteries 
• Snow brush, Ice scraper combo 
• Booster cables 
• Tire gauge and portable tire inflator pump that operates on 12volts 
• Tow chain ( trucks and SUVs ) 
• Traction mats - in a pinch your vehicles rubber floor mat may work (or kitty litter or gravel) 
• GPS on your phone if not Road maps 
• Small Shovel
• Spare tire, jack, repair kit (sealant)
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