Not getting that "new car feel' on acceleration?


Written by Shay Bedard | Service Manager at Belleville Dodge

Maybe you need a fuel induction Service

What is a Fuel Induction Service?
In a nutshell, an induction service is a fuel system and air system cleaning that is designed to break down hard and soft carbon buildup inside the Throttle Body System, Fuel Injection System, Intake System (the breathing system), and Exhaust System. Think of hard & soft carbon buildup as creosote in a wood fireplace. Creosote is the by product of wood burning and leaving a crust like layer that if left too long will build up, restrict air flow and eventually restrict performance of the fireplace and a significant increase of burning wood is evident. Burn wood at a hotter temperature and the creosote build-up is minimal thus less restriction.

The intention of an Induction Service is usually misunderstood. Most consumers interpret the Induction Service as an opportunity to gain fuel mileage. I would never ask a customer to perform the Induction Service with the promise of better fuel economy. Yet I would suggest an Induction Service be performed to any vehicle that has been on the road for 2 years or travelled 40,000 kilometres. An Induction Service will clean the Intake or as we like to call it "The Breathing System of the Vehicle" which in turn restores lost power, increases performance and if all the stars align in the fuel efficiency is realized. The DTE ( distance to empty ) has gained a few more kilometres in distance.

Experience the feel of the original pedal by regaining the response of that new car feel on acceleration. Why does it feel so responsive? Because the engine can breath. When the engine can breath you will experience greater performance. Performance you can feel when you need to merge onto a highway. Pedal down and you can visualize the air and fuel mixing in perfect harmony.
Other Service and Parts that effect the performance of the Induction System: Spark Plugs, Ignition Wires, PCV Valve and System
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