Why flush my brake fluid?


Written By Shay Bedard | Service Manager Ralph Neale's Belleville Dodge

Brake fluid is one of the most absorbent substances known to man.
That moisture is doing two things to your braking system:
1. Lowering the boiling temperature of your brake fluid. Brakes work by causing friction, which generates lots of heat (Remember sliding down a pole or rope as a kid?). New brake fluid has a boiling point of 240 degrees F, not lowering that number can be dangerous because boiling causes air bubbles, and those air bubbles reduce the pressure the lines require to make your brakes work. This is an extreme use situation, but when you need brakes, it's nice to know they're there.
2. Brake fluid is Hygroscopic, all that moisture is rotting your brake lines from the inside out. Thus causing costly yet avoidable repairs by flushing or bleeding the lines, calipers and wheel cylinders. Hygroscopic is the ability of a substance to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment. This is achieved through either absorption or adsorption with the absorbing or adsorbing substance becoming physically changed somewhat.
Simply stated, all of our brakes systems retain 30% to 40% moisture. An efficient Braking system preserves wear and longevity. What's stopping you and your family?

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