How Often Should You Have Your Wheels Aligned?

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Potholes. A common experience in the summer time. Is it just me or does anyone ever see a pothole on time?

Modern automobiles are a wonder of technology and design. Computers monitoring every aspect of the driving experience, where tires have always been a major contributor to the ride and handling, we now monitor their pressure to ensure not only a safe ride with proper and consistent inflation yet also to ensure optimum fuel economy. There is no onboard computer that monitors the alignment of a vehicle. With 2 seasons, winter and road construction, we in the auto industry still get pushback on one of the most cost effective and money saving services, The Alignment.

By the time you the consumer and driver of your vehicle, comes to see us with visible wear and / or damage to the tires,  it’s too late. You will need to replace tires, check suspension and check alignment before performing the corrective surgery to re-align your vehicles health. This can sometime include new front end or suspension parts that have worn and again tires. Knowing the cost of an average set of tires is approximately $650 to $1000, depending on whether we are driving a car or truck, you will want to protect this small investment.
Now if you perform an alignment check at every service you will definitely be on top of the game and truly saving money.
A single pothole incident can escalate an insignificant suspension concern to a loose tire rod end that is audible and now needs replacement. Train tracks on your way to and from work will eventually play a role in wearing out your suspension and front end parts while knocking the alignment out.
Alignment checks save you money, Alignments save you even more money.

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