Is it really necessary to service your oil?

Your oil filter is the engine's primary protection against debris and premature wear. Proper lubrication by manufacturer approved oil is vital to the performance and longevity of your engine.

Top Reasons to Service your Oil
  • Failure to change your oil filter at Regular Intervals will cause your filter to become plugged causing tremendous long-term damage and straining your engine.
  • Regular Oil Changes can save you money as it will protect your engine from wear and potential failure.
  • Regular car maintenance & oil changes are important factors in extending the life of your vehicle. For the best performance, we recommend an oil and filter change every three months or 4,000 kilometers in vehicles with gasoline engines.
Engine Oil performs the following functions in an engine
  • Lubricates moving parts within the engine by producing a protective layer that allows movement.
  • Helps cool the engine by transferring excess heat from the combustion area.
  • Helps maintain clean engine parts thus free from harmful deposits such as 'sludge' by suspending contaminants and eliminating corrosive acids.
  • Prevent wear by making a chemical bond that prevents metal-to-metal contact.
  • Creates a seal between the engine piston rings and cylinder walls to prevent blow-by and loss of power.ine Oil per
How often should you check you air filter?
Proper performance and fuel economy are in part dependent on a clean air filter. An improperly functioning air filter can damage an engine by restricting airflow or allowing contaminants to enter. Air filters should be checked every 4828 kms and replaced at 24,140 kms or less if dirty.

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